What you will learn

Confidence in assessing and treating people with a disability

By learning essential background theory and foundation knowledge, and covering the most common psychiatric disorders encountered in adults worldwide, graduates will have greater confidence when assessing and treating people with mental illness.

An approach to understanding mental health from a global perspective

Graduates will develop an approach to understanding mental health from a global perspective and gain an appreciation of the challenges faced when delivering high-quality healthcare in certain communities.

The application and justification of psychological approaches to managing mental health issues

Graduates will acquire the holistic knowledge and skills necessary to apply and justify psychological approaches in the management of mental health issues.

Course structure

To gain the Graduate Diploma in International Psychiatry you must complete 50 points comprising of four core subjects.


The estimated hours required for each subject is between 15–19 hours per week, but this varies for each student and depends on your task management and planning, familiarity with the material, reading style and speed.

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