Graduate Diploma in International Psychiatry

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      Who the course is for

      The Graduate Diploma in International Psychiatry has been developed for medical professionals worldwide who work with mentally ill patients in any capacity, or would like to develop their capacity to do so.

      It is particularly relevant to:

      • Practising psychiatrists
      • Practising medical doctors
      • Primary care physicians (general practitioners/family physicians)
      • Physician assistants.

      This course is not suitable for non-medical practitioners. Non-medical professionals or students may be interested in taking our free, online Foundations of International Psychiatry course that is available at:

      Career outcomes

      Graduates of this course will command greater skill and confidence when treating patients with mental illness. They will also be better equipped to deliver optimal healthcare in culturally and socioeconomically diverse settings, allowing them to contribute meaningfully to the wider community affected by mental health issues.