Graduate Diploma in Nursing Practice (Mental Health)

      Course overview

      • 1 year full time / 2 years part time
      • Available to domestic and international students.


      The Graduate Diploma in Nursing Practice (Mental Health) provides the opportunity for nurses to extend their nursing knowledge into the area of mental health and develop a depth and complexity of knowledge that enhances their nursing practice in a variety of contexts and nursing roles.

      Upon completion of the course, graduates will demonstrate clinical competencies in a workplace environment assessed by clinical experts to be at a proficient level as benchmarked against Australian mental health nursing competencies.

      It is also expected that students will have the attributes described for the Graduate Certificate and the greater depth and complexity of knowledge incorporated in the Graduate Diploma to achieve the following additional objectives:

      • Apply theoretical knowledge to understand the practice of providing holistic nursing care to individuals experiencing a complex range of disturbances to health and well-being that require complex specialty nursing interventions
      • Understanding of the professional issues impacting upon mental health nursing and the wider nursing profession
      • A beginning understanding of the international context and sensitivities of the mental health area
      • A capacity to engage where appropriate with issues in contemporary society that impact on and are impacted by mental health nursing practice
      • An appreciation of the ways in which evidence-based practice guides mental health nursing and how specialty knowledge equips the student to offer leadership in this area
      • An appreciation of the design, conduct and reporting of research as it relates to the development of evidence-based practice
      • Become a critical reader of nursing literature and a capacity to articulate knowledge and understanding of mental health nursing practice in oral and written presentations
      • A capacity to manage competing demands on time, including self-directed project work

      Course description

      The Graduate Diploma in Nursing Practice is a 100 point 4th year coursework program offered with clinical field practice competency requirements. Workplace accredited clinical competency achievement in the context of full unrestricted registration with AHPRA and employment is mandated for the Graduate Diploma in Nursing Practice.