Graduate Diploma in Perioperative Medicine

What will I study?


In the Graduate Diploma of Perioperative Medicine you will learn multiple uses of clinical ultrasound integrated with medical knowledge of managing patients in the perioperative environment.

You will learn to critically evaluate current medical knowledge and clinical applications of ultrasound specific to perioperative medicine. In particular, patient management prior to surgery, enhanced recovery after surgery pathways, diagnosis and management of perioperative complications, patient-centred quality of recovery, and patient safety and team leadership.

Course structure

The Graduate Diploma of Perioperative Medicine consists of two sets of four subjects focusing on the use of clinical ultrasound in the perioperative period.

The first set of subjects to relates to Clinical Ultrasound. The second set relates to medical management, integrating the knowledge of clinical ultrasound into the perioperative setting.


You should expect to commit approximately 8 - 10 hours per week to each subject. This includes formal learning activities, reading, and private study.

On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of perioperative clinical ultrasound, perioperative medicine and Enhanced Recovery after Surgery pathways
  • Integrate medical knowledge and clinical ultrasound into the management of patients in the perioperative environment and to effectively convey complex clinical problems to others
  • Critique and apply knowledge of clinical ultrasound, perioperative medicine and Enhanced Recovery after Surgery pathways to perioperative patients
  • Critique the diagnosis and management of perioperative complications and the role of clinical ultrasound
  • Critique current measurement of post-operative quality of recovery and its role in perioperative care
  • Interpret online case studies and record and reflect upon clinical cases of perioperative medicine application.

Note: If you have previously graduated from the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Ultrasound you are only required to complete the following subjects:

  • MEDI90103 Prehabilitation and Risk Assessment
  • MEDI90104 Enhanced Recovery After Surgery
  • MEDI90105 Perioperative Complications
  • MEDI90106 Post-op Quality of Recovery Practicum.

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