Graduate Diploma in Psychology

  • CRICOS code: 061720G

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The academic staff are internationally renowned researchers in their fields who guide students to develop advanced skills in critical thinking, scientific reasoning, psychological research design, data analysis and the application of research findings to a range of contexts. In addition, students develop their ethical reasoning skills and an awareness of and respect for the diversity of human experiences.

The Graduate Diploma culminates in the Level 3 Capstone subject in which students pursue their own research project in small teams under the supervision of a member of academic staff.

The Graduate Diploma in Psychology has been designed to enable flexible study options. Students can complete the entire 125 credit point accredited sequence of subjects in one year, full-time. Or, students can undertake the course part-time over a period of up to six semesters. Students wishing to complete the course in one year full-time complete the two required Level 100 subjects in an intensive Summer Term and then enrol in the remainder of the course full-time over the following two semesters.

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Michael Diamond

A few years after graduating from Medical Science, I found myself working as a pharmaceutical sales rep. Speaking with clinicians made me re-evaluate where I wanted my life to go. I wanted to make a positive impact and I knew that was possible with psychology.

University has been easier for me the second time around. I can see that what I’m putting my energy into is going to impact the rest of my life and that’s very motivating. My goal is to work as a clinical psychologist, but my career possibilities have expanded since I started the degree. Now I’m also considering doing research as well as practicing.

The Grad Dip has given me a deeper understanding of myself and people in general. We’ve covered a range of topics to do with the mind, the brain and human behaviour - everything from neuroscience and cognitive processes through to personality, social behaviour and childhood development. It’s all been fascinating!

There’s a really strong sense of community within the graduate diploma cohortA lot of us stick together and pick the same tutorials and seminar times. There’s also a graduate student computer lab in the psychology building where we can go to study. Grad Dip students come from a range of backgrounds and we have all studied in different faculties previously, which keeps the conversations and discussions interesting!

I’m doing the course over two years and I’m working part-time as a research assistant as well. While it’s possible to do the course in one year, spreading the subjects over more than a year allows for a more balanced lifestyle.