Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Science

      Where will this take me?


      Who the course is for

      The unique course structure allows you to personalise your degree and design a program that best meets your practice needs and builds your professional profile and expertise. It is relevant to a range of qualified allied health professionals including, but not limited to:

      • Physiotherapists
      • Occupational Therapists
      • Exercise Scientists
      • Nurses
      • Prosthetists
      • Orthotists
      • Podiatrists.

      This comprehensive program prepares graduates to effectively plan and review rehabilitation strategies to suit a range of scenarios, ranging from acute critical illness, community rehabilitation and lifespan care. It has been created for qualified health professionals who are seeking to improve their practice and develop internationally transferable skills in rehabilitation and health promotion.

      Career outcomes

      A postgraduate qualification in Rehabilitation Science will build your professional profile and reputation which can open up new employment opportunities. Graduates of this program will gain leadership prospects within a range of health professions.

      There are growing professional opportunities available for graduates who complete the Rehabilitation Science program. Worldwide, industry figures indicate an increased need for more highly trained rehabilitation practitioners to help people regain movement or function that has been lost.

      Graduates can expect to gain skills to establish and progress in successful careers in multiple clinical and community positions, with job openings all over the world – from hospitals to private practice. Our graduates will also have industry-ready skills to pursue diverse positions from specialist clinical work, to consultancy posts for health authorities and the government.

      Further study

      The Graduate Certificate of Rehabilitation Science is a nested program within the Master of Rehabilitation Science.