Graduate Diploma in Science (Advanced)

  • CRICOS code: 023188D

What will I study?


The Graduate Diploma in Science (Advanced) is a 100-point course, with five available streams:

Coursework and Research
The 100 points is comprised of two components:

  • a coursework component; and
  • a minor thesis research project component (normally 10 000 - 12 000 words).

Coursework Only
The coursework-only option is comprised of 100 points of advanced coursework subjects.

Students have the option to complete the Graduate Diploma in Science (Advanced) by coursework only in areas of study: BioSciences, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics.

BioSciences (coursework plus research)

The Graduate Diploma in Science (Advanced) in Biosciences is a one-year program designed to extend students' knowledge and skills through a supervised research project together with advanced coursework in biosciences disciplines.

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Chemistry (coursework plus research)

The course comprises a research project component and an advanced coursework component. Their relative weightings are as follows: Chemistry Research Project component = 62.5 percent Chemistry Advanced Coursework component = 37.5 percent.

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Earth Sciences (coursework plus research)

The Graduate Diploma in Science (Advanced) is designed to allow Earth Scientists to upgrade their skills and/or retrain by undertaking a year (or longer part-time) of coursework and thesis studies. In addition, the Diploma is open to Science graduates with a background or work experience in Earth Sciences who wish to undertake further studies in Earth Science for business or pleasure. The Diploma studies are modular and available part-time to encourage participation from industry Earth Scientists.

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Mathematics and Statistics (coursework only)

The objectives of this diploma are to:

  • Further the understanding of Mathematics and Statistics across a wide range of theoretical and practical topics
  • Encourage the development of abilities to think critically and independently
  • Provide a pathway for entry into graduate study in Mathematics and Statistics for students whose main undergraduate field of study was not Mathematics and/or Statistics.

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Physics (coursework only)

The Graduate Diploma in Science (Advanced) program in Physics is designed to allow students to further their study of physics on a broad front and provide a pathway for entry into graduate study in Physics. Prior study in Physics to at least 2nd year university level is assumed.

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