Graduate Diploma in Surgical Science

    Where will this take me?


    A rewarding career in surgery awaits those who undertake the Graduate Diploma in Surgical Science. This rigorous program will provide a clear pathway to advanced surgical knowledge, setting you on a trajectory to become a leader in the surgical field.

    Career opportunities

    The Graduate Diploma will equip you to transition into further study through a Master of Surgical Science, and eventually external Surgical Education and Training (SET) programs. This will help you progress your career as a specialist in the field of surgical science.

    The surgical network that you develop throughout this Graduate program – both with fellow students and surgical practitioners – is highly beneficial and can lead to exciting career opportunities upon graduation.

    Whether it’s a rewarding career in academia, research or as a surgeon, the University of Melbourne’s Graduate Diploma in Surgical Science provides a world of opportunities.

    World-leading professionals to guide you

    All throughout the Diploma, you will be supported and nurtured by the world-class University of Melbourne Department of Surgery faculty, who are comprised of practicing surgeons with decades of combined experience.

    You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with academics from other fields, such as psychology, sociology and ethics. This exposure will allow you to develop a high-quality professional network and broad knowledge base.

    If you’re wanting to transition to further study with the Master of Surgical Science course – which is beneficial for entry into external Surgical Education Training (SET) programs – the University of Melbourne’s Graduate Diploma in Surgical Science is ideal.