Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood)

    • CRICOS Code: 0102001

    What will I study?


    You will engage with your experiences and grow your abilities to teach across the curriculum from birth through to eight years of age.* This includes creating curriculum that supports building relationships with children, families, and communities and practising critical reflection. The Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood) will help you develop your interventionist educational skills through the Evidence-Based Teaching framework. You'll develop the professional skills to assess, diagnose and support the individual learning needs of all students, and work with learners of all abilities.

    Study structure

    The Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood) course is comprised of both supported teacher placement and face-to face learning. The Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood) must be undertaken through full-time study over two semesters, over one year.

    Candidates must complete:

    • 12 compulsory subjects
    • Supervised teaching practice including 55 days in early childhood settings (0-8 years) and 5 days in primary schools.
    How will I study?

    The delivery mode of our course is face-to-face classes on the Parkville campus, plus supported teacher placement in early childhood and primary school settings.


    Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood) - Full time (123KB, PDF)


    Graduate Diploma in  Teaching (Early Childhood) schedule -  2020 (153KB, PDF)

    University Handbook: Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood)

    *You will be qualified to teach children between birth-five years, but will study learning and teaching for children aged birth up to eight years.