Graduate Diploma in Youth Mental Health

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      On successful completion of the Master of Youth Mental Health, students will have developed the following areas of knowledge:

      • Major contemporary theories of youth development and mental health
      • The range of best-practice psychosocial and biological interventions for different types of mental ill-health in young people
      • Recent, evidence-based advances in the prevention and early intervention of mental ill-health in young people
      • Key features of the various types of mental ill-health experienced by young people.

      In addition, students will be able to build on their existing skills in the following areas:

      • Engaging and assessing young people experiencing mental ill-health
      • Identifying and assessing the early signs of serious mental illnesses in young people
      • Preparing treatment plans applicable to the different stages of mental illness that are sensitive to the developmental tasks facing young clients of mental health services
      • Matching optimal approaches to the treatment of young people to impatient, community-based and home-based contexts
      • Applying critically reflective, evidence-based approaches to youth mental health practice.

      Pathways to Further Study

      Graduates may progress to a range of other graduate coursework programs. Students that complete the Graduate Diploma in Youth Mental Health, and meet minimum academic requirements, may be eligible to gain 100 points credit if they decide to enrol in one of the following courses:

      Master of Youth Mental Health