Master of Advanced Nursing Practice (Nurse Practitioner)

    The experience


    Nursing at the University of Melbourne will expand your knowledge and skills and develop your career across a number of specialty areas. From neonatal to palliative care, our courses cover every aspect of the human lifespan, opening doors to a range of diverse and rewarding career paths. Our nursing courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to deliver high quality care.

    Samuel Edgar

    Sam Edgar, 25, moved to Melbourne from Bendigo, although he is originally from Swan Hill in the north west of Victoria. He enjoys the fast pace of Melbourne and gets around the city on his bike.

    “I chose the University of Melbourne because it is so easy to get to, it has a good reputation and the Master of Nursing Science course allows me to complete my nursing in two years instead of three.”

    Moving to Melbourne

    Sam believes that moving away from home to study makes you more independent:

    “Moving to uni can be difficult, take your time and choose accommodation where you will be happy. Cheap is good, but so is choosing good housemates and location.

    “You also need to take care of yourself. As much as you may not like it, beer and mi goreng are not health foods!” he jokes.

    “If you have trouble with transitioning or study, the student services centre Stop 1 can help you with anything. You can get study plans, help with administration issues, counselling and special consideration.”

    Melbourne’s constant sporting and cultural activities are of big appeal to Sam:

    “I love being able to go to the footy every weekend as well as being able to see live music whenever you want. It is also made easier by the public transport system and the new E-Class trams.

    “It is really easy to make friends at Uni – you just need to make an effort to meet people. Joining Uni Sports and other groups can also be a good way to meet people.”

    University Life

    Sam enjoys the drive and commitment that his teachers demonstrate:

    “The teachers we have are so passionate and make the course so enjoyable. We have one that starts to yell at times saying that she's ‘Not angry, I’m excited!’ It is a great way to learn when you have someone excited to come to work every day and is genuinely excited to teach you.”

    The University’s relationship with hospitals is a huge plus for Sam:

    “The University has strong links to a lot of major Melbourne hospitals that allow you to get guidance from expert clinicians as well as give you a breadth of experience in a multitude of different settings.”

    Not everyone enjoys role-play exercises, but Sam certainly seems to:

    “I participated in a role play for mental health, which was both a really fun and intense day. The teacher and I got together to discuss what the character’s story was and she gave me free reign to play with it and make things a challenge for my classmates!"


    Sam has found the challenges of the Master of Nursing Science hugely rewarding and has gained great satisfaction in making a difference in the lives of patients:

    “Doing the masters has certainly been hard but I believe it has allowed me to challenge myself to try to get the best out of myself with all the help of the passionate teachers in the course.

    “The proudest I have been since I started is when I was at placement and was able to make a patient who was having a tough time laugh. The small things can make a difference in people’s lives.”

    Career in Health

    Sam is unsure of what the future holds but he feels certain that his studies have prepared him for what may come:

    “I have no idea what I will be doing in 10 years, whether it be back home or still in Melbourne. I do know that the University of Melbourne is setting me up to succeed regardless of where I am.”


    Clare Pratt