Master of Advanced Nursing Practice

      Where will this take me?


      As a Master of Advanced Nursing Practice graduate, you will be empowered and qualified to pursue fulfilling leadership roles in nursing. This Master’s degree will position you well for advanced positions in your current or future work environment.

      Specialised clinical opportunities

      The Master of Advanced Nursing Practice offers two pathways: coursework or minor thesis. Both options will present opportunities to grow your leadership skills and advance your theoretical knowledge to improve practice and clinical outcomes.

      If pursuing coursework, you will have a wide range of electives available to broaden your knowledge, allowing you to become a more diverse clinical leader.

      If choosing a minor thesis pathway, you have the chance to evaluate and research a clinical issue arising from your practice.

      A platform to upgrade your career

      After graduating from the Master of Advanced Nursing Practice, you will be encouraged and driven to utilise your new-found knowledge across a variety of specialised roles, such as a nurse educator, nurse unit manager or clinical nurse consultant. These roles, plus other clinical leadership positions, will be within reach once you graduate from the Master of Advanced Nursing Practice.