Master of Advanced Nursing

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The experience


As a Master of Advanced Nursing student, you will be driven by an ambition to specialise your nursing practice and develop your leadership skills.

This Master degree positions you for advanced practice roles and greater career advancement, which may include educational or management positions.

The day-to-day experience

The Master of Advanced Nursing offers a flexible course delivery with a focus on strong leadership skills and networking. You are in control of the way you learn with flexible options to study both on campus or online. Many subjects can also be delivered as intensives, ideal for those on shift work.

Students will be exposed to a range of nursing specialities, from neonatal to palliative care.

Learning mode

Flexible learning structures provide students with greater control over the way they learn throughout the Master of Advanced Nursing.

Students can choose specialty subjects best suited to their ambitions and future specialisation.

With the choice to complete the Master by coursework or research, students can gear their daily experience towards their strengths and outside study commitments. Pursuing a research stream provides a pathway to a PhD. Those who follow a coursework structure are better prepared to become clinical leaders and secure senior leadership roles.


The University of Melbourne’s Master of Advanced Nursing is a highly respected qualification that is compliant with National Health Standards.

The degree is structured to allow you to develop your practical skills, with the goal of becoming an active nursing leader. Many students have used this Master as a stepping stone towards PhD study.

Read about Fathi's experience:


Fathi Sulaiman

“I have been very impressed by the expertise of the academic staff teaching in the program.  And I have learned a lot of new knowledge since starting the program. The program also allows a lot of flexibility and options for me to expand my sphere of knowledge across my speciality.

While there is a lot of independent learning, the teaching staff are always on hand to guide and help.  As much as it is challenging, I am really enjoying the fact that it is stimulating my thinking a lot.

Melbourne and for that matter, the campus is beautiful! There are also lots of activities to enjoy around in the city. I love the diversity of people and always enjoy an adventure of trying a new food choice! And food choices here are aplenty.

I really enjoy the fact that my world is being expanded while in Melbourne and I would really encourage more students to come to this great University with its fantastic learning environment "