Master of Advanced Nursing

  • CRICOS code: 085339C

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Degree Structure

The Master of Advanced Nursing is an 18-month program that prepares graduates to assume a major responsibility in developing new professional roles, devising new models of care and overseeing dynamic changes to practice. Two streams are offered.

  • Stream 1 Coursework Comprising: 150 credit points: 1 x 12.5cp (Grad Cert Specialty Subject) + 4 x 12.5cp (Core) + 1 x 12.5 (Selective) + 4 x 12.5cp (Elective) + 2 x 12.5 cp (Capstone)
  • Stream 2 Research Comprising 150 credit points: 5x 12.5 cp (Core) + 1 x 12.5cp (Grad Cert Specialty Subject)+ 2 x 12.5 cp (Core Selectives) + 2x 12.5cp (Electives) + 1x 25cp (Capstone research project)

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