Master of Advanced Social Work (Research)

    • CRICOS Code: 064990E

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    Intended Learning Outcomes

    Graduates of the degree will:

    • acquire research skills and undertake a shorter thesis which is relevant to social work practice and/or social policy;
    • undertake preparation for advanced practice.

    Graduate Attributes

    Research Masters degrees at the University of Melbourne seek to develop graduates who have a capacity for defining and managing a research project characterised by originality and independence. Their training will equip them for more sustained and original work at the doctoral level or for applied research positions in a wide variety of contexts.

    The University expects its research masters graduates to have the following qualities and skills:

    • an ability to initiate research projects and to formulate viable research questions.
    • a demonstrated capacity to design, conduct and report independent and original research on a closely-defined project.
    • an ability to manage time to maximise the quality of research.
    • an understanding of the major contours of international research in the research area.
    • a capacity for critical evaluation of relevant scholarly literature.
    • well-developed and flexible problem-solving abilities appropriate to the discipline.
    • the ability to analyse research data within a changing disciplinary environment.
    • the capacity to communicate effectively the results of research and scholarship by oral and written communication.
    • an understanding of and facility with scholarly conventions in the discipline area.
    • a profound respect for truth and intellectual integrity, and for the ethics of research and scholarship.
    • a capacity to cooperate with other researchers.
    • an ability to manage information effectively, including the application of computer systems and software where appropriate to your field of study.