Master of Advanced Social Work


What you will learn

Advanced knowledge and skills for working with individuals, families, communities and organisations

You will develop advanced theoretical and practical skills that you can apply to your practice. This could include foundational knowledge of understanding domestic and family violence (DVF), theoretical frameworks and evidence involved in suicide prevention, and the practice of assessment and intervention of human service workers in these settings.

Policy and practice as it relates to psychosocial practice

You will explore a range of approaches useful for researching health and human services practice, encompassing both policy, organisational practice, as well as practice with individuals, groups and communities.

The skills and confidence to lead in this sector

You will develop writing skills for publication and undertake critical reflection of your own practice and development to adequately prepare you for leadership roles in the field of social work.

Course structure

To gain the Master of Advanced Social Work you must complete 100 points comprising of:

  • One capstone subject,
  • One compulsory subject
  • Five elective subjects.
  • Note: The elective subjects, Suicide Prevention, Service Navigation Theory, and Disability in Context will not run in 2021.


On average, it is estimated that students will be required to allocate 15-19 hours per week for study time for each subject. However, the time commitment required can vary for each student based on individual task management and planning skills, familiarity with the material, reading style and speed.

Course Planning

The program will be offered part-time however the request for full-time load will be considered on a term-by-term basis. Part-time duration is calculated based on studying one subject per term.

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Single subjects

You can also study single subjects to contribute to your professional development. For more information, please contact Student Support.

Sample course plan

View some sample course plans to help you select subjects that will meet the requirements for this coursework.

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