Master of Ageing

      Course overview

      • 18 months full time / 3 years part time
      • Online
      • Available to domestic and international students.
      • Term 1 Intake - January, Term 2 Intake - April, Term 3 Intake - July, and Term 4 Intake - October


      The Master of Ageing is a unique fully online course about local and global challenges, and new directions and solutions in the field of ageing. Societal change coupled with relentless technological development demands flexible, responsive and integrative approaches to managing ageing populations and workforces. Given the complexity of this field and its relevance to all populations, the Master of Ageing course is interdisciplinary, intergenerational and international. Subjects are taught by academics and leading industry experts from Australia and around the world, in public health, medicine, social work, architecture and design, engineering, business and economics, government, and the arts.

      If you are a looking to develop a greater understanding of the complex implications of ageing populations and workforces, this course is for you.

      Course aims

      We’ve designed this course to produce leaders in the field of ageing who will be able to develop new approaches and policies that help shift the focus to a more positive and holistic view of ageing. This course will provide opportunities to gain practical skills and undertake high-order analysis, using interdisciplinary strategies and cross-cultural comparisons.

      Students will learn how national and global politics, economics, ethics and social equity influence the way society plans for and meets infrastructure and service delivery requirements of ageing populations in Australia and around the world. Hear expert perspectives on the trends, issues and challenges faced by communities, organisations, businesses and governments. Investigate how an ageing population drives workforce and retirement trends, and how recent technological advances can revolutionise the ageing experience. Develop the capacity to identify market needs, negotiate with government and shape policy. Identify and analyse the multiple determinants of healthy ageing and develop integrative approaches to managing them.

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