Master of Agricultural Sciences

    • CRICOS Code: 085097E

    Where will this take me?


    Whether you are advancing your current qualification or already working in the field, graduate study can improve your career progression and earning potential.

    On completion of this course you will have gained a broad understanding of the many issues underpinning the advances in sustainable food and fibre production within the multi-billion dollar agricultural production, food processing industries, government, agricultural finance, land and water resource management and international agricultural production, processing and development sectors.


    • Launch a career that addresses the environmental, political and scientific challenges of international food security.
    • Choose one of four specialisations including Agribusiness, Animal Science, Crop Production and Food Sustainability.
    • Tailor your degree to suit you and combine two specialisations. For example, choose an Animal Science specialisation, with electives from Agribusiness.
    • Gain a sound foundation in scientific principles and analytical skills vital for plant and animal-derived food and fibre production in Australia and globally.
    • Develop competence in experimental work and understand the industrial applications and commercial outcomes of the industry.
    • Support and enhance the integral roles that animals play in sustaining our lives with practical applications in animal conservation and biological research.
    • Explore ethical and moral issues encompassing care, management and the use of animals as a resource.
    • Specialise in animal nutrition and metabolism, animal behaviour and welfare, or integrated animal system analysis.
    • Develop the tools for strategic business decision making in economics or finance management in the agrifood and fibre context.


    Begin a rewarding career in one of the multi-billion dollar agricultural sectors. Depending on your chosen specialisation, career outcomes are varied and include areas such as:

    • Animal health and welfare
    • Animal nutrition
    • Genetics & reproduction
    • Product developer
    • Research & development
    • Agronomy
    • Bio-research to limit disease
    • Education
    • Farm enterprise management
    • Financial services
    • Government and policy
    • International trade
    • Soil science
    • Food and fibre production and processing.
    • Standards and quality assurance.

    Alternative Study Options

    As an alternative study option, you may like to consider an completing an Honours year. Honours is a one-year program building upon your undergraduate degree that will draw together your previous studies and focus your knowledge, skills and intellect on original research. Designed to give you advanced research, analytical and communications skills, honours can further prepare you for employment, or for a graduate research degree.

    Honours are offered across Agricultural Science, Animal Science and Management, Food Science and Veterinary Bioscience. For eligibility requirements and further information, please visit the Honours website.