Master of Applied Positive Psychology

    • CRICOS Code: 079279E

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    Master of Applied Positive Psychology students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including:

    • Psychology
    • Education
    • Economics
    • Business
    • Law
    • Health.

    You will learn how to create and evaluate positive and meaningful change and promote optimal leadership within organisations.

    Promotion opportunities

    Through your enhanced ability to improve positive leadership in workplaces, you could be ideally set for promotion into a role that leverages this skill.

    Industry connections

    Through your education studies, teaching placements and research projects, you will develop strong professional and personal connections with community and industry that will open doors to an outstanding future.

    Learning outcomes

    This course will prepare you to:

    • Understand the conceptual and theoretical foundations of positive psychology
    • Synthesise different wellbeing frameworks from various disciplines
    • Develop strategies for individuals, groups and systems to enhance optimal functioning and promote health
    • Identify common positive interventions used in a wide range of contexts such as education, workplaces and community settings
    • Critically reflect on your own professional strengths and weaknesses
    • Take a professional and ethical approach to the practice of positive psychology
    • Understand the important factors involved in sustained behaviour change