Master of Applied Psychology

  • CRICOS code: 096378E

What will I study?


The degree requires the completion of 150 points and can be commenced in semester one or semester two. Students will complete 125 points of compulsory subjects and with an emphasis throughout the course on the development of practical skills in applied contexts, the program will culminate in the completion of:

  • a 25 point Internship which will place students in relevant workplaces; or
  • a 25 point Research Project.

Students will participate in a dedicated program of lectures, seminars and tutorials and will enjoy a strong cohort experience.


Winona Johnson

Winona Johnson, Quantitative Research Design at Forethought 

After completing my undergraduate studies in psychology, I knew I did not want to go down a clinical pathway, however felt unsure of what my next steps would be. After finding the Master of Applied Psychology, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. Through the course, I developed and refined my knowledge of human behaviour and decision making. Subsequently, I learned to practically apply my knowledge and skills to larger scale social and business problems.

The course structure enables you to explore many areas such as government, marketing, research, and health, and to then pursue the areas you are most interested in. The best part is that the skills and knowledge gained are so broadly applicable, so it is up to you where you take them.

Overall, the MAP was incredibly engaging and inspiring, from the content, to the lecturers and guest speakers, and even down to the cohort I studied alongside. The course opened so many doors for me. I quickly found my skillset was in high demand, and the job options were endless. I am now working in the market research industry, designing quantitative research that subsequently allows businesses to make evidence-based decisions.

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