Master of Architecture/Master of Construction Management

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    The experience


    The Melbourne curriculum

    Meet Ariani Anwar, currently employed at John Wardle Architects. She recently completed her Masters of Architecture, following a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Hispanic Cultural Studies from the University of Melbourne. She is a founding editor of Inflection, the internationally published student-run journal of the Melbourne School of Design.

    Meet a graduate of architecture who thinks sustainability before structure - The Melbourne curriculum

    Built Industry Group: Construction Management Student Society

    Built Industry Group (BIG) is a student-run organisation at the Melbourne School of Design. They connect students with industry whether it be walking through a construction site, hearing from graduates about transitioning from their studies or learning from industry leaders about their next big innovations. BIG runs a range of events throughout the year so you can be better equipped with industry knowledge and growing your professional networks alongside your studies.

    Studio Experience

    The Melbourne School of Design has a unique Studio teaching format. At the start of each semester students select from an array of different studio concepts that change regularly to reflect the changing face of Architecture. Each studio iteration works to a different design brief so you can select studios that allow you to explore different areas of interest or build upon a specific one.

    Studio Exhibition: Smoke and Mirrors

    Laurence Ritchie

    “A construction manager needs to have a good understanding of a wide range of different topics to succeed in their role. While it is vital that they understand the construction processes occurring on site, they must also have a sounds understanding of fields such as accounting, law, architecture, and engineering, not to mention softer skills such as leadership, empathy, and communication.” Laurence Ritchie. Master of Construction Management student.

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