Master of Biomedical Science

    • CRICOS Code: 079405D

    The experience


    Hear what our students have to say about their experience in the Master of Biomedical Science:

    Mengxiao Luo, Master of Biomedical Science, 2017

    What skills has the Master of Biomedical Science helped you develop?

    "The program combines course work and research project together, so I got to develop different professional skills including writing and communicating as a scientist, and work as a scientist in a lab at the same time."

    What have you enjoyed most?

    "The highlight of my experience at University is the level of independence that I have within myprojects. This has allowed me to develop better problem-solving and critical thinking skills in my study and research, which has in turn made me a more well-rounded scientist and further developed my professionalism."

    What has inspired you?

    "Everyone I have met during these years has been good inspiration for me, my supervisors, my classmates, my colleagues, they are professional and always passionate about what they are doing."