The experience


Building connections with industry

The Industry Project in Biotechnology puts you to work with one of our local, national or international industry partners. Together with a group of fellow students, you’ll act as ‘consultants’ – working on a real-life biotechnology business topic. Time on site with your industry partner will also give you an invaluable opportunity to build your networks and understand your career options.

Hear our Master of Biotechnology students and industry professionals talk about the Industry Project.

In the Business Project in Biotechnology, you’ll work in a campus-based group on a practical business challenge for one of our industry partners.

Career connections

Events that connect students with industry and other employers are held throughout the year. You’ll have the opportunity to network with and learn from professionals in your field.

We also offer students the STEM Industry Mentoring Program and the Job Ready short course – helping develop your communication skills and employability.


While you’re studying with us, why not get involved with volunteering to extend your learning opportunities, connect with communities, and enhance your employability. One opportunity for volunteering is through the Science Student Ambassadors program.

Study abroad

To add a global experience to your degree, consider studying overseas. The optional industry internship subject can also be completed overseas.