Course structure

The Master of Biotechnology is a 200-point program, made up of:

  • Core subjects (125 points), including either the Industry Project in Biotechnology or the Business Project in Biotechnology (25 points)
  • Elective subjects (75 points), selecting from science, business, finance, accounting, bioethics, communication and law subjects.

In your first year, you’ll study core subjects in science, commercialisation and professional skills, as well as biotechnology elective subjects.

In your second year, you’ll complete your core and elective subjects, and undertake either the Industry Project in Biotechnology or the Business Project in Biotechnology. (If you enter the course mid-year, you’ll start the project in your first year.) The Industry Project in Biotechnology is for students with a weighted average mark (WAM) of at least 75 per cent across all subjects in the course. Students with a WAM of more than 80 per cent may be able to undertake a research project as their elective study.

If you commenced this course before 2021, the previous course structure will apply.


Chathuri Jayasundera

“I chose to study Biotechnology because I’m interested in learning how these techniques can be applied to fields like medicine and agriculture. The subjects have fascinated me because I’ve realised what wonders can be done with the latest technologies – I've learned about CRISPR, gene drives and gene therapy."

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Master of Biotechnology – 200-Point program

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