Master of Business Administration

  • CRICOS code: 0101669

What will I study?


Our Full-time MBA goes beyond the traditional curriculum of case studies and core disciplines. It includes opportunities to apply what you learn in class to real business problems through internships, Capstone projects and subjects that stretch your business acumen and creativity.

Innovation Bootcamp – Tests your entire skillset in a shark-tank scenario. You and your team brainstorm and market-test an idea and turn it into a viable business model. You then pitch to a panel of entrepreneurs to gain the confidence to disrupt markets and organisations anywhere.

Entrepreneurial Mindset – Working alongside CEOs whose companies embody the entrepreneurial spirit, you identify business opportunities, threats and issues and develop practical solutions. Participating Melbourne Business School alumni also bring networking and mentorship opportunities.

Social Entrepreneurship Project – Working in a small team, you consult on a social issue affecting a local organisation, gather and analyse consumer data and metrics to validate the problem and its drivers and project financials to find a sound solution for your client.

For more information about our Full-time MBA subjects, visit the Melbourne Business School website.