Master of Clinical Education

      The experience


      Student experience - Dr Harlina Siraj

      What have been the 5 most useful things you have learnt as an EXCITE student?
      • The truth about this quote from John Cotton Dana (1856 – 1929): “Who dares to teach must never cease to learn!”
      • Clinical supervision is an integral part of clinical teaching.
      • A lesson plan can be constructed for clinical teaching, even though the teaching environment can be haphazard and opportunistic.
      • It is never too late to learn new tricks, providing one is willing to relearn, unlearn and continue learning.
      • The networking, collaboration and teamwork among EXCITE participants is truly enriching & exciting!
      How has the program impacted your teaching? What have you changed as a result?
      • No doubt, I became a more informed and trained clinician educator after obtaining my Graduate Certificate of Clinical Teaching (2014) and Graduate Diploma of Clinical Education (2015).
      • I have transformed my clinical teaching to be more learner-centred, individualised and personalised.
      • I decided to step down from being the educator at the centre stage of the class to be more approachable and keen on facilitating my learners’ discovery; from being the Sage on the Stage to become more of a Guide at the Side.
      • I pioneered a series of faculty development programs for the clinician educators in UKM medical school – Basics in Clinical Education (BICE) throughout 2016.
      • I am also trained to provide better feedback to my learners and enhance their learning experience.
      What do you hope to achieve in the future?

      I hope to start off a Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Clinical Education in UKM within the next five years.