Master of Clinical Ultrasound

      What will I study?


      What you will learn

      Gain a deep understanding of echocardiography

      Understand advanced echocardiography interpretation and the role of echocardiography in clinical situations relevant to perioperative and critical care.

      Examine the latest developments in clinical ultrasound

      Gain insight into 3D echocardiography, new technologies and novel applications of clinical ultrasound, as well as examining how to approach echocardiography for unusual medical conditions.

      Complete an advanced case studies practicum

      In your final year, you will undertake a case studies practicum to put your advanced knowledge of clinical ultrasound into practice. You will also examine best-practice research methods and the latest literature.

      As a student of this online course, you should obtain practical experience at your institution or attend hands-on workshops to supplement your knowledge base.

      Course structure

      The Master of Clinical Ultrasound is a 150-point program, designed to take eighteen months if studying full time or three years if studying part-time.

      You must complete:

        - Twelve core subjects, each worth 12.5 points.

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