Master of Clinical Ultrasound

      What will I study?


      This distance program will be offered to practising medical professionals who wish to obtain further expertise in medical ultrasound for clinical practice. It is part of the nested program of courses related to the use of clinical Ultrasound. It also includes the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Ultrasound and Graduate Diploma in Clinical Ultrasound (which will be a pre-requisites).

      The course is designed to provide the knowledge-base necessary for diagnostic-level performance of echocardiography and interpretation; surface ultrasound uses such as ultrasound guided procedures and nerve blocks; and other medical specialist specific ultrasound applications such as vascular ultrasound examination. The aim is to provide advanced knowledge to specialist craft groups to facilitate use of ultrasound relevant to their speciality.

      The Masters course focuses on 3-D Echocardiography and new technologies, congenital research methods, ultrasound literature, obstetric and medical conditions and completes with an advanced case studies practicum.

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