Master of Contemporary Art

    • CRICOS Code: 075494G

    What will I study?


    Course Structure

    2 years full time

    This is a 200 point program.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Manipulate and manage the materials and processes involved in your chosen visual art medium
    • Express ideas through your chosen medium
    • Gather and synthesise information and other resources in your personal art practice
    • Discuss contemporary art practice and its personal, professional and social involvements.

    Generic Skills

    On completion of this course students will be able to:

    • Plan and organise their own studio work and utilise time effectively to suit the demands of their developing methodologies
    • Analyse historical and contemporary art methodologies relevant to their practical work
    • Investigate through experiment, areas of practical relevance from a wide range of historical and contemporary sources
    • Demonstrate developing knowledge of contemporary art practice, including skills and techniques relevant to their developing practice
    • Communicate verbally opinions, ideas and observations with regard to their work and the work of others, in group and individual teaching and learning situations

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    2 years full-time

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