Master of Contemporary Art

    • CRICOS Code: 075494G

    Where will this take me?


    Graduate pathways

    Upon completion of the program, graduates can select to undertake further study in one of our research master degrees.

    Learning outcomes

    On completion of this course, graduates will have developed:

    • Expert skills in planning and organising their own studio work and utilising their time effectively to suit the demands of their developing methodologies
    • Ability to analyse historical and contemporary art methodologies relevant to their practical work
    • Advanced skills in investigating through experiment, areas of practical relevance from a wide range of historical and contemporary sources
    • Demonstrated knowledge of contemporary art practice, including skills and techniques relevant to their developing practice
    • Advanced communication skills in articulating verbally opinions, ideas and observations with regard to their work and the work of others, in group and individual teaching and learning situations.

    Ravi Avasti