Master of Criminology

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The experience


We will equip you with more than just an education. Learn from some of the country’s most influential teachers, access a network of innovative industry leaders and engage with our exciting internship opportunities.

Graduate profile: Claire Pieters – Policy Officer, Department of Justice and Community Safety, Victoria

Claire Pieters

In her final year of studying law, Claire Pieters realised that she was more interested in understanding why people engage in criminal behaviour and how society responds than she was in actually practising law – so she applied for the Master of Criminology.

As part of her masters, she undertook an internship at the Victorian Court of Appeal. “Though I chose not to pursue a career in law, it was fascinating to have a behind-the-scenes look at how criminological theory and research is applied by sentencing judges,” she says. “The internship gave me a new appreciation for the practical implications of criminological research and thought.”

Claire now works in a strategic policy role at the Department of Justice and Community Safety, where her team considers the long-term impacts of emerging challenges across the justice system to ensure policy reform is strategic, connected and holistic. She is currently contributing to work around the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Victoria’s criminal justice system.

“My studies taught me valuable critical thinking and analysis skills,” she says, “and understanding the impacts of social and psychological factors associated with criminal behaviour has been really valuable context for the work I do. I’m proud of the fact that the work I’m contributing to has the potential to have long-lasting impacts on the criminal justice system.”

Networked teaching

The curriculum has been developed in consultation with criminal justice practitioners, and is taught by leading experts, including visiting academics from the University of Oxford, Sheffield University, VU University in Amsterdam, and Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan.

Career building opportunities

Networking opportunities are offered through the program’s Internship option, allowing students to spend a semester working with organisations such as Victoria Police, municipal councils, the Department of Justice, and many others. Informal opportunities to learn about careers in criminal and social justice are created through events such as our Meet-the-Professional evenings. Industry partners such as Victoria Police, Victoria Legal Aid, the Coroners’ Court, and the Australian Institute of Family Studies provide in-depth information as to the operation of contemporary criminal justice institutions.

Be at the forefront of knowledge

Your teaching cohort will deliver up-to-the minute knowledge from experts in their specialist research areas. Beyond the seminar room, you will be encouraged to engage in events such as the Barry Memorial Symposium, conferences such as ‘Justice Through Conflict, Conflict Through Justice Symposium’, and a broad range of public lectures and seminars.