Master of Dance

  • CRICOS code: 105697M

Where will this take me?


The course focuses on the rigorous preparation of graduate students to work across all areas of the dance profession. Students will graduate with skills suitable for pursuing careers in choreography, inter-disciplinary practice, community engagement, health, arts advocacy, education and research.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, graduates will have developed:

  • Advanced skills in synthesising critical perspectives on dance and the body through written, embodied, choreographic and pedagogic practices
  • Demonstrated scientific and somatic knowledge about the body in dance training and education applied to enhance performance, health and wellbeing
  • Advanced capacities to experiment across media with developing and representing dance as research
  • Confidence to engage with communities of dance practice and environments through reciprocal and ethical relationships that acknowledge different worldviews.

Graduate pathways

Upon completion of the program, graduates can select to undertake further study in the Doctor of Philosophy - Fine Arts and Music in Dance.