What will I study?


Course structure

The Master of Data Science is a 200-point program, made up of:

  • 3 Core statistics subjects (37.5 points)
  • 3 Core computer science subjects (37.5 points)
  • Elective subjects (50 points), including prerequisite subjects if needed (up to 50 points), data science or professional skills subjects or a research project.
  • Capstone data science project (25 points)

Your elective subjects will be tailored to you, depending on your previous academic background and your interests.

First, you’ll need to look at whether you need any prerequisite subjects:

  • If you have a statistics background, you’ll complete computer science prerequisite subjects.
  • If you have a computer science background, you’ll complete statistics prerequisite subjects.
  • If you meet both the computer science and statistics prerequisites, no prerequisite subjects are needed.

If you are coming from the Graduate Diploma in Data Science or a University of Melbourne Data Science undergraduate major (or equivalent), you may be eligible for an accelerated 1.5-year (150-point) program, receiving up to 50 points of credit.

Once you’ve taken care of any prerequisites, you can choose from a diverse list of data science or professional skills electives. If you’d like to gain experience in a science and technology workplace or with research, you can do an 80–100-hour internship subject or take on an additional research project.

All students undertake a data science capstone project, over one academic year, working on a practical data science research question either individually or as part of a team.

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