Master of Design for Performance

    • CRICOS Code: 085429A

    The experience


    The two-year degree provides a rich environment for students to test out collaborative relationships which may evolve into future creative partnerships. Second-year students are supported in finding internship placements with production companies and designers either in Australia or overseas, gaining valuable industry experience in diverse performance styles

    Image of Phoenix Waddell, Master of Production Design for Screen student

    I discovered the Master of Design for Performance at a crossroads in life and thought stage design was a good nexus of my skills; I’m creative, yet practical, and was really wanting to collaborate with people. Out of the postgraduate options in Australia, I knew I was suited to the course at VCA. I always knew I’d end up here but I thought it would be in the visual art department. I knew from my very first collaboration in semester one that I had made the right decision to go into theatre design – even though it felt like three hands in a box trying to independently make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It was a reassuring signpost in life.

    Bethany J Fellows, Master Design for Performance