Where will this take me?


Employment outcomes

Our graduates have gone on to some successful and varied careers. These are just some examples:

Within 1 year of graduating

Economist, Environment Protection Authority Victoria, Australia

Within 2 years of graduating

Analyst, Reserve Bank of Australia

Within 4 years of graduating

Senior Financial Analyst, Thomas Reuters, United Kingdom

Within 7 years of graduating

Senior Lecturer, City University of Macau, Macau

Practical Skills

You will leave the degree with a number of essential skills, including:

  • An advanced understanding of the fundamental principles of economics and econometrics
  • Develop cognitive, technical and creative skills to generate and evaluate advanced economic research questions
  • Critically analyse economic policy or decision making problems and apply relevant models and theories to generate effective solutions;
  • Apply analytical skills and techniques to critically assess a range of issues in economics, including: developing relevant research questions; determining the appropriate methodology for addressing the research questions; determining the information and data needed to conduct the research; and determining the feasibility of a research project

Melbourne Business School students are also offered the opportunity to develop their employability skills through our Skills Workshops.