Master of Ecosystem Management and Conservation

    • CRICOS Code: 098317B

    What will I study?


    Course structure

    Successful completion of the 200 credit point degree comprises:

    • Core subjects (100 points)
    • Professional skills subjects (12.5–25 points)
    • Elective subjects (at least 50 points)
    • Foundation subjects (25 points)

    You are encouraged to undertake a 25-point Ecosystem Internship subject as their Professional Skills element, as this provides work-place experience, develops networks and a work-ready capstone experience.

    If you have a relevant prior degree from the University of Melbourne (or other university), you can apply for advanced standing of up to 50 points which may remove one Semester of study.

    Core subjects

    Complete all of the following:

    • FRST90015 Landscape Ecology
    • FRST90019 Analysing Ecosystems and Their Values
    • FRST90025 Patterns and Processes of Landscape Fire
    • FRST90022 Ecosystem Processes of Water and Soil
    • ENST90045 Spatial Tools for Ecosystem Management
    • ENST90046 Landscape Governance and Policy
    • NRMT90007 Communities and Ecosystem Management
    • ENST90043 Sustainable Landscapes

    Professional skills subjects

    Complete between 12.5 and 25 points of the following:

    • SCIE90027 Ecosystem Internship
    • GEOG90022 International Internship in the Environment
    • SCIE90017 Science and Technology Internship
    • SCIE90012 Science Communication
    • NRMT90018 Human Resource Management
    • NRMT90021 Project Management

    Elective subjects

    Complete at least 50 points of the following:

    • FRST90034 Ecological Restoration
    • FRST90033 Farm Trees and Agroforestry
    • FRST90030 Forest in the Asia Pacific
    • FRST90032 Forest, Carbon and Climate Change
    • FRST90078 Conserving and Managing Native Forest
    • FRST90017 Bushfire Planning and Management
    • FRST90076 Short Research Project B
    • NRMT90003 Social Research Methods
    • AGRI90075 Research Methods for Life Science

    Foundation subjects

    Complete 25 points of the following:

    • FRST30001 Forest Systems
    • BOTA30004 Vegetation Management and Conservation
    • EVSC30007 Integrated Landscape Analysis
    • BOTA90005 Flora of Victoria
    • HORT90041 Tree Growth and Function

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