Master of Engineering Structures

  • CRICOS code: 053355A

The experience


As a structural engineer, you will be working with a dynamic cohort of engineers from across the world. Connect with likeminded engineers and network with industry through engineering student clubs, including:

Connect with industry

Receive practical insight into what working in a firm as an advanced structural engineer is really like in the subject Structural Theory and Design 3. You’ll build further connections with industry as you undertake simulated structural design exercises with senior practicing engineers. Explore issues such as compliance and safety, functionality and sustainability and learn to produce economical design solutions.

Connect with us from anywhere in the world:

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Rinay Singh

I chose the Master of Engineering Structures because I wanted to learn key aspects of structural engineering, things that many engineers would not know about, such as earthquake design and explosive design. It is very satisfying solving challenges and hurdles, or coming up with solutions that no one has thought of.

Master of Engineering Structures
Structural Engineer, Cardno