Where will this take me?


Who the course is for

The program is suitable for professionals, managers and funders working in diverse industries – from government to not-for-profit, healthcare, defence, international aid, community development or education to name a few.

Career outcomes

There are growing professional opportunities available for graduates who complete the Evaluation program, with numerous active professional societies for evaluators worldwide. There are also moves in some countries such as Canada and the USA to certify and accredit evaluation professionals.

Program evaluators assess the quality of various programs – including aid programs, health programs, education programs, charity programs, and government programs. Our graduates will be prepared for diverse leadership roles within corporate evaluation firms, educational institutions, not-for-profit organisations, philanthropic organisations, government departments, healthcare and various other sectors. You will be career ready to pursue numerous positions such as: Senior Program Planner, Senior Trainer and Assessor, Senior Internal Auditor, Manager (Planning and Performance), Senior Consultant, Senior Program Evaluator, Senior Project Evaluator, and Senior Policy Evaluator.

Graduates can expect to establish successful careers within government, independent consulting, and community-based organisations, at local, national and international levels.


Robert Drake