Master of Film and Television

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Where will this take me?


Graduate pathways

Upon completion of the program, graduates can select to undertake further study in one of our research master degrees.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, graduates will be able to contribute to the broad culture of society and will have acquired the following skills in their area of specialisation at an advanced level:

  • developed skills in writing, directing and editing an innovative short motion picture program at the highest professional standard
  • demonstrated capacity for artistic imagination, creativity, transformation and interpretation
  • demonstrated a flexible and innovative approach to the national and international challenges for the professional filmmaker in the 21st century
  • gained an understanding of how filmmaking connects with the broader society and contributes to its social and economic development
  • demonstrated the capacity to write and direct specific to their chosen strand (both creatively and technically) a substantive major production for completion at a professional level.

Our graduates go on to become documentary and feature film-makers, producers, directors, and screenwriters around the world, across major industry attachments and productions and in developing and producing new screen works. Other areas of employment include advertising, film-critic, and independent film-making.

Meet our alum

In 2019, the University of Melbourne gave 30 students and alumni their first commission, to celebrate the power of artistic minds and the launch of our redeveloped Southbank campus.

Alum Cindy Rodriguez (Master of Film and Television (Narrative) in 2018) explored The Great Petition: empower the powerless, with Monument of Words, an installation piece that explores the concept of walls and the prescribed divisions that are meant to neatly characterise race, nationalism, language, religion and personal experience

While alum Hannah Moore (Master of Film and Television (Narrative) in 2018) was inspired by Self Portrait with Monkeys: divulge an unattainable desire, with  Free Fall, a moving picture of perpetual, low level angst, and what it would look like to shed that angst.


Corrie Chen

Award-winning filmmaker and television director Corrie Chen graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor Film and Television (Hons) in 2008, and a Master in Film and Television (Narrative) in 2011. Taiwanese by birth, her work spans comedy, drama and documentary, and often explores issues of identity and belonging. The following is an edited extract of her speech in December 2019 to graduating Film and Television students from the University of Melbourne.

I was so privileged to have had champions along the way – from the teachers at the VCA, to funding bodies, to my agent, to producers – people who reminded me to keep persevering, that hope is not hopeless. People have to want to support you, to understand what you want, because EVERYTHING is made through collaboration. It can’t be a “me against them” attitude. Now I’m a little bit older and wiser I’ve realised it’s far easier to destroy than it is to build. It has taken the generosity of others to help me break through the door, get a seat at the table, and finally start building my own table.

I’m so excited and lucky to be a part of a time where anything feels possible. The industry definition of a director has traditionally not been someone who looks like me. The industry that I love is not one that statistically includes me. But a revolution is on and we’re all a part of the new guard.

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