Where will this take me?


Graduates of the new Master of Finance (Enhanced) will forge international careers in the finance industry applying their technical skills to the areas of:

  • Investments
  • Banking
  • Corporate advisory
  • Financial analysis

As a graduate of the Master of Finance (Enhanced) you’ll be:

  • Knowledgeable across a variety of finance specialisations including financial markets, corporate finance, investment management, quantitative finance and financial technology
  • Skilled in analysing and solving complex financial problems
  • A critical thinker, aware of the contribution of financial theory to sound financial decision making in practice
  • An effective communicator of financial concepts and ideas to both specialist and non-specialist audiences
  • An effective team member through participation in collaborative exercises.
  • Adept at retrieval and manipulation of financial information and data from a variety of sources
  • Aware of the importance of applying high ethical standards in professional practice

Success Stories

The University of Melbourne and Melbourne Business School have a long tradition of our graduates moving into successful careers in the finance industry. These include:

Tim Holt

Tim Holt

Senior Consultant

Johnson Xu

Johnson Xu

Network Developer (Blockchain)
AEM Technologies

Coral Lou

Coral Lou

Assistant Vice-President

Graduate Research

The Master of Finance (Enhanced) also offers a pathway to the Doctoral Program in Finance.

If you are interested in pursuing a research pathway, you’ll need to have completed university level subjects in Calculus and Linear Algebra. If you have not previously studied these subjects, you may apply to the Master of Finance Program Director for permission to take  Calculus 1 (MAST10005) and or Linear Algebra (MAST10007) as electives. Permission will only be granted where your academic performance in the degree up to that point has been of a very high standard. Application to the Doctoral program will require you to maintain a very high level of academic success for the full duration of the Master of Finance (Enhanced).