Master of Finance

  • CRICOS Code: 065397C

Where will this take me?


Employment Outcomes

Our graduates have gone on to some successful and varied careers. These are just some examples:

Within 1 year of graduating:
Advisory, Corporate Finance, Grant Thornton Australia

Within 3 years of graduating:
Associate Analyst at Macquarie Group, Australia

Within 6 years of graduating:
Assistant Vice President, Citi, Australia

Learning Outcomes

On graduation, the Master of Finance aims to provide you with:

  • Extensive applications of finance theory;
  • Detailed knowledge of the operations and activities of financial markets;
  • A practical and career-oriented program;
  • An understanding of financial management principles and their application to corporate financial policy;
  • A comprehensive understanding of Australian and international financial markets;
  • A comprehensive knowledge of derivative assets and the operation of the markets in these assets; and
  • An applied knowledge of various specialised aspects of the finance industry.

Success Stories

Phan Nguyen

Phan Nguyen

Investment Analysis
Jana Investment Advisors, Australia

Viktoria-Sophie Bartsch

Viktoria-Sophie Bartsch

PhD candidate and Research Associate
University of Hamburg
previously Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Germany

Haseem Khan

Haseem Khan

Managing Director
Bullion Impex, Sri Lanka