Master of Food and Packaging Innovation

    • CRICOS Code: 083118K

    Where will this take me?


    This flexible degree opens a variety of creative careers in the food industry. You could work with food tasting panels to understand how products can be improved, develop packaging that extends shelf life and transportability or take part in the development of new products. Potential careers include:

    • Product development scientist: Develop and improve food products
    • Packaging technologist: Identify new ways to pack and store food that are sustainable and appealing to customers
    • Consumer insights specialist: Research consumer behaviour to identify product improvements or develop innovative food product ideas to meet consumer demands.
    Profile: Akshay Deenadayalan, Food Technologist, Sensient Flavors

    "My tutors and subject coordinators helped me choose subjects based on my career interests. I also organised my course structure so that my final semester would mostly be free so I could focus on my internship. This modularity of course structure is highly useful and has helped me use my time efficiently. It was because of that internship that I got my current job."

    Akshay Deenadayalan (India), Master of Food and Packaging Innovation