The experience


A global perspective

There’s no shortage of opportunities to learn from what the world has to offer.

In our fieldwork subjects, you can learn about the interlocking relationships between people, government, history and environment in China or East Timor. See first hand how landscapes respond to past and present climate change in New Zealand. Or get a deeper perspective on our local context through field work here in Australia.

Career connections

There are many events that will connect you with industry and employers throughout the year. You’ll also have the opportunity to network with and learn from professionals in your field, and to join the STEM Industry Mentoring Program to develop your communication skills and employability.

Get involved with the Geography Postgraduate Society to network with other students with similar interests, too.


While you’re studying with us, you'll have the opportunity to volunteer, extend your learning opportunities, connect with communities, and enhance your employability. One opportunity for volunteering is through the Science Student Ambassadors program.


Eliza Eliza

"In Geography, we are pushed to question and analyse what is currently happening in the world around us. This means that all the subjects that we study and the research we do is directly applicable to what is happening today and in our future. I am inspired by the research that all University of Melbourne geographers are doing in a variety of locations around the world, and by studying under them I know that I am truly becoming a global citizen."