What will I study?


Course structure

The Master of Geography is a 200-point program.

The course can be taken as coursework only, or as coursework with a minor or major research thesis. Depending on the option you choose, this is what your course structure will look like:

Subject type Coursework only Coursework + minor thesis Coursework + major thesis

Discipline core

25 points

25 points

25 points

Geography practical

12.5 points

Discipline electives

137.5 points

100 points

50 or 62.5 points

Professional skills

25 points

25 points

12.5 or 25 points

Research thesis

50 points

100 points

You’ll select your elective subjects from the large range on offer, in one of three streams:

  • Physical geography
  • Human geography
  • Integrated geography.

There’s plenty of opportunity to get out into the field, with a number of fieldwork electives on offer, including field classes to China, East Timor, central Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.

If you’d like to gain experience in an environment-related workplace, one of your electives can be a 200-hour international internship in environment.

If you choose the coursework-only stream of the Master of Geography, you’ll complete a geography practical subject that provides masters-level training in desktop, field or laboratory techniques.

If you choose a stream with a research thesis, you’ll work on a real-world geography research question over 12 or 24 months, with the support of an expert supervisor. There’s incredible diversity in what you can study: from flood management in Bangladesh, to love and marriage practices in India, to the politics of climate change mitigation in Australia. Read about potential research projects.

We know that you’ll need professional skills to give you the edge in the workplace, so you’ll be able to select from a wide range of high-level professional subjects, including science communication, modelling, business, ethics and more.

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