Master of Global Competition and Consumer Law

Where will this take me?


Who the course is for

This course is for students who do not already have a degree in law but who do have an economic, regulatory, compliance, public policy or other relevant background, and who are already working in or seeking to access the expanding and challenging career opportunities on offer in the global field of competition and consumer policy, law and enforcement.

You may be from organisations such as:

  • Law firms, particularly those with international offices
  • Large companies (in house lawyers, as well as regulatory and compliance managers)
  • Government departments (primary finance trade and economic development)
  • Competition authorities/enforcement agencies
  • Economic consultancies
  • Courts and tribunals
  • International or non-governmental organisations participating in the competition and/or consumer law field.

Career outcomes

Our graduates will go on to make huge strides in their professional careers. They will have a world-recognised qualification, which will place them in a talent pool of sought-after professionals.

This program prepares its students to become effective practitioners in the global field of competition and consumer law — whether as a private practitioner, corporate advisor, compliance professional, public policy-maker, regulator or enforcement agency official, or member of a non-governmental organisation — and gives you the chance to take your career across the world, from Singapore to Delhi and Johannesburg to Washington.

Major law firms worldwide practise competition and consumer law and there are now 130 countries with dedicated government bodies for its enforcement. Graduates can expect to forge inspiring career pathways in the private and public sectors all over the world. Given the international scope of this program, graduates will also gain access to a valuable worldwide network of accomplished peers.


Suresh Puran

Sudesh Puran works at the Competition Commission in Mauritius, he’s currently leading the investigative team which looks into the abuse of dominance cases and the conduct of market studies. Sudesh was motivated to enrol in the online Graduate Diploma in Global Competition and Consumer Law (GCCL) at the University of Melbourne (UoM), as he was keen to learn about the application of competition law in other jurisdictions.

When it came to be deciding where to study “the choice was straight forward,” says Sudesh.

“There are not many, if any, university programs on competition law which are offered online. I found that the University of Melbourne (UoM) program was well-designed and offered a more pragmatic and flexible approach to learning competition law."

Despite being tested from time to time, Sudesh has nothing but praise for the GCCL program.

This online course has allowed me to acquire a prestigious academic qualification from a world-class university for my professional development, which otherwise would not have been possible.

“I find the academics and teaching experts to be very accessible. I believe that the course has been designed in such a way which helps students who are not exposed to competition assessment to have a better grasp of the subject matter as well as for those who are practitioners to challenge and improve their understanding and knowledge.”

When it comes to endorsing the program for others, there isn’t even a hint of hesitation from Sudesh.

“I would certainly recommend this program to anyone looking to gain knowledge of competition law and practitioners who wish to enhance their knowledge and application of the subject matter.  The program, developed by world-leading experts, guarantees professional development through a convenient and flexible mode of learning.”