Master of International Education (International Baccalaureate)


What you will learn

Theories and concepts of the IB philosophy

You will develop a deep understanding of the philosophy of the IB, international education, values education, and the centrality of the Learner Profile, as well as exploring theoretical implications of international mindedness in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme.

Tools and strategies for assessing student learning

You will learn the tools and strategies for assessing student learning and the extent to which these encourage critical thinking and meet the diverse needs of students.

The ability to design and critique curricula

You’ll obtain the skills to design and critique curricula that incorporates PYP, MYP and/or DP standards and practices, and addresses the objectives of subject specific and core element related learning.

Course structure

To gain the Master of International Education (International Baccalaureate) you must complete 100 points comprised of:

  • Four core subjects (made up of two compulsory subjects and two subjects within one specialisation)
  • Two 12.5 capstone subjects
  • Two elective subjects.


You are expected to attend the scheduled weekly live tutorials. These are designed to enhance your learning experience through participation with the rest of the online learning community.

On average, it is estimated that students will be required to allocate 15-19 hours per week for ‘study’ time for each subject. However, the time commitment required can vary for each student based on individual task management and planning skills, familiarity with the material, reading style and speed.

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