Master of IT Management (Executive)


What you will learn

Extensive knowledge of management practice in the area of Information Systems

You will develop a sound knowledge and understanding of the management practice of information systems in organisations, gain the skills in critical thinking and systems analysis, understand the research principles and methods in information systems, and demonstrate an understanding of professional codes of conduct and ethical standards as they apply to business practice.

Business and IT alignment thought leadership to help you convey the value of the latest technologies for business

You will develop strategic expertise to help you influence decision making at various levels.

Identify, understand, evaluate and communicate operational issues

You will have gained experience in identifying, understanding, evaluating and communicating strategic and operational issues in the real-world practice of information systems.

Course structure

To gain the Master of IT Management (Executive) you must complete 100 points comprising of:

  • Six selective subjects
  • One compulsory capstone subject.

Please note, you must complete four selective subjects totalling 50 points before enrolling in the capstone subject Managing Information Systems.


The estimated hours required for each subject is between 15–19 hours per week, but this varies for each student and depends on your task management and planning, familiarity with the material, reading style and speed.

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Master of IT Management (Executive)

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