Master of Journalism

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The experience


We will equip you with more than just an education. Learn from some of the country's most influential teachers, access a network of innovative industry leaders and engage with our exciting internship opportunities.

Read about Kirsten's internship

Kirsten Robb

In 2013 Master of Journalism student Kirsten Robb completed an internship with Channel Nine News in Australia.

The first few days were a bit overwhelming and I'm sure I was watching everyone a little wide-eyed. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew I wanted to make the most of the experience. On day three, the Chief of Staff marched up to me and asked, "Do you want to keep observing, or are you ready to get involved?" I knew that my answer would shape the rest of my three weeks there. I'm very glad to say I definitely got involved!

Kirsten Robb

Student profile: Michael Roddan

Michael Roddan

The Master of Journalism at the University of Melbourne is run by journalists who've spent a long time developing their trade. The teaching staff and their real life experience, contacts and enthusiasm for journalism really separate the course from others like it.

Michael Roddan

The most enjoyable aspect of this program is the fact that the lecturers push you hard to perfect your work, and can reward that effort by featuring your writing on the independent news site The Citizen, which often gets picked up by other media groups. The ability to meet people still working in the journalistic field is also a great perk.