Master of Landscape Architecture/Master of Urban Design

  • CRICOS code: 105521B


The Master of Landscape Architecture combined with the Master of Urban Design puts theory into practice via our suite of studios. Our studios develop strong interdisciplinary understanding, excellent communication skills, critical thinking and the ability to use resources, materials and technologies to develop responsible and ecologically sound and novel design solutions.

Professional and community involvement play an integral role in our studio experiences.  Studio topics draw on the current projects of our research staff, while also involving landscape architects, designers, engineers, policy makers, urban designers and planners from nearly 50 organisations.  The collaborative nature of studio classes mirrors the way you will work in industry.

Our researchers, teaching staff and students are actively engaged with some of the pressing issues of our time, including dealing with the impact of climate changes, sustainable resourcing challenges, and the pressures of increased urbanisation.

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Girvan Tenggono

“With climate change, there is a need to shift our way of living. In my opinion, there is a need to design so people can be an integral part of nature, instead of our current tendency to dictate nature to fit our needs. I believe heading into the Master of Landscape Architecture is a step in this direction.” Girvan Tenggono. Master of Landscape Architecture student.

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