What will I study?


The course is designed to build your skills to support the learning needs of children and young people with a range of disabilities and learning difficulties and broaden your understanding of inclusive education recognising that learners with disabilities can have issues that coexist.

Your chosen specialisation will extend your knowledge on a particular area of learning intervention.


With a focus on inclusion and promoting positive behaviour and learning, this specialisation is ideal for building an understanding of the learning and programming needs of children and young people with disabilities enrolled in early childhood settings, mainstream and specialist schools.

Specific Learning Difficulties

Investigate the areas of learning difficulties, intervention and individual differences in literacy, numeracy and language learning. Improve your professional knowledge and understanding of the nature and causes of specific learning difficulties in children and explore how to implement teaching that optimises student learning.

Deaf Education

Gain an understanding of deaf education and learn strategies for assessing, supporting and promoting communication, language and literacy development in students with a hearing loss. Ideal for those interested in working as a Teacher of the Deaf in a mainstream setting or school for the deaf.

Deaf education students must demonstrate successful completion of Auslan Certificate 2 (or equivalent) before completion of the course.  Auslan courses are offered at a number of TAFE colleges (or equivalent) nationally.

The course is split into two different streams, depending on your current profession and desired graduate outcomes. You can also specialise in one of three learning intervention areas.

Stream A
  • Stream A is specifically for teachers who are eligible for Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) registration but seek additional qualifications to work in special education.
  • 45 days of professional experience, including 30 days of placement in approved educational settings.
Stream B
  • Stream B is for allied health practitioners, early childhood educators and international students.
  • Suitable for those who wish to increase their understanding and skills in learning intervention.
  • This stream includes a minor project capstone.
Study Structure

The course has been developed to provide flexibility around professional or family commitments. The courses can be undertaken online or on-campus on a part time for fulltime basis. Classes take place on evenings, weekends and with some school holiday intensives. Stream A students must complete 30 professional placement days. The course is 100 points of coursework, comprising:

  • 5 core subjects unique to your specialisation
  • 1 elective subject, chosen from options outside your specialisations
  • 2 capstone subjects from Stream A or B at the end of the course.
How will I study?

From 2022, we will offer both a face-to-face and an online mode for this course. Our classes take place on evenings, weekends and with some school holiday intensive classes. Independent online learning is also included in some subjects. Stream A students must complete 30 professional placement days.

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