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Employment Outcomes

Our graduates have gone on to some successful and varied careers. These are just some examples:

Within 1 year of graduating

Human Resources, Shell, Australia

Within 2 years of graduating

Learning and Development Senior Consultant, KPMG, Australia

Within 6 years of graduating

Director at SISTEM

Within 6 years of graduating

Learning Manager for L'Oréal Australia & New Zealand

Practical Skills

You will leave the degree with a number of essential skills, including the ability to:

  • Obtain, analyse, synthesise and evaluate evidence for management decision making in accounting and finance
  • Apply strategic and critical thinking in relation to business and commerce related issues and in developing solutions to problems in organisations and ins society
  • Be an effective decision maker in business and commerce

Melbourne Business School students are also offered the opportunity to develop their employability skills through our Skills Workshops.

Professional Accreditation

The Master of Management (Human Resources) is an accredited program with the Australian HR Institute.

Credit points may be awarded for students with a relevant undergraduate degree in business/commerce.

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Success Stories

Catherine Matthews

Catherine Matthews

Platform Development Manager, Macquarie Group, Sydney
Director, GWS Giants

"I absolutely loved studying my Masters at the University of Melbourne. I learnt to try new things, I learnt the value of being authentic, and how important it is not to be a carbon copy of everyone else – but to embrace being different."

Melania Guzman

Melania Guzman

Learning and Organisational Director at L'Oreal, China.

"I remember in my first class, Strategic Human Resources, my lecturer asked ‘how many nationalities do we have in the room. In a group of 60 we had 25 different nationalities. It was fascinating; it was like having a United Nations meeting. Everyone had such a unique, diverse perspective to HR topics which made the class so insightful."


Eliza Kelly

Eliza Kelly graduated in 2017 from the Master of Management (Human Resources), coming from the Bachelor of Arts (Psychology). She now works as a Human Capital Analyst at Deloitte, Australia.

The most valuable lesson I have gained from studying at Melbourne Business School is that to underestimate your own skills and abilities is to limit yourself. My experience at MBS has taught me that only by consistently challenging yourself can you develop and grow to your full potential. Eliza Kelly